Search Your Thoughts

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I have been thinking commonly about the glory of God. As I question my purpose and reason for living, I have come to the conclusion based on the Bible that I exist to glorify God--solely. So that's what I do. I try to live my life in a way that glorifies God. Before I depart each morning I pray over my wife, Christi, that God would teach us His ways, make us aware of His presence in our lives that we could walk in it, and all for His glory.

But my thoughts this evening stem from a conversation I had with my friend Shawn this past weekend. He too is poring over the glory of God. Our dialogue led me to consider what I am really praying when I ask for God's glory in the life of my family. Do I actually know what I am living for? What is God's glory? And am I honestly seeking it in everything I do? With everything I have?

I have a number of thoughts on this and will be writing about them in the coming weeks. For now, I want to pose a question that is haunting me: When we say we are living for something, that "something" that we believe we are living for should be the sole motivation of our lives and consume the majority of our thoughts, right? Yet, I am finding this to not be true in my life. The majority of my thoughts have more to do with me and my circumstances than they do about God.

Have you reflected on your purpose in life? If God were to "search your thoughts" (Psalm 139:23) would they align with what you say you are living for?