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As parents, we face emotionally intense moments with our kids. When your 6-month-old wakes every two hours through the night. When your 5-year-old kicks you in the shin because it’s bedtime. When your teenager disrespects you for setting limits on technology.

Enter survival mode. As parents, we’ve all been there.

Since every child and developmental stage is different, some techniques that work with one child may not work with another. That’s why parenting from a posture of emotional safety matters more than any one technique.

So what’s the key to nurturing our child’s budding brain, especially in these emotionally stressful moments?

In short, the answer is you. And not just your physical presence, but your emotional presence. Being emotionally safe means feeding our kids’ brains like we do their tummies.

Here are five fun ways to build your child’s brain each day:

  1. Take Time Each Day to Be a Kid Again

While there are many different ways to play, unstructured relational settings present the greatest potential for brain development.

In other words, be a kid again!

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