Family Links: #Selfie Ways to Serve #Otheries

o   Babysit as a family for a single mom in the area

o   Bake cookies (or dinner) for your local fire department, women’s shelter, crisis pregnancy center

o   Do yard work for an elderly neighbor

o   Buy coloring books and crayons and take them to kids at the children’s hospital

o   Post a picture of a friend or family member doing something selfless and comment about how much you admire them

o   Sponsor a child and write a letter as a family to your new child

o   Have each family member sort through their closet and bring a bag of donations to a local thrift store or ministry

o   Write thank you notes to people who serve your family: postman, doctor, yard guy, dentist, pastor, ministry workers at church

o   If grandparents are local, spend a day doing something they enjoy – bingo, local market, cooking, watching Lawrence Welk, board games etc. Be sure to learn about their life growing up

o   If grandparents aren’t local, do a family Skype or phone call just because

o   Volunteer at a local ministry (Salvation Army, Food Bank etc) or animal shelter

o   Encourage each of your kids to build up one of their friends or siblings in a social media post – to call out the awesome qualities they see in that person

o   Put on a neighborhood BBQ, ice cream social or Christmas party and invite neighbors you haven’t gotten to know yet

o   Encourage your kids to reach out to one kid at school that sits alone at lunch

o   Put together a care package and send to a military member you know or in our church

o   Have each child choose a friend and their family to invite over for dinner

o   Do a family prayer walk in the neighborhood

o   Talk to your kids about sending an out-of-the-blue message to one person in their friend list that they know could use some encouragement or could use a friend

o   Take a night and visit a local nursing home

o   Go out for family breakfast and pay for the table next to you

o   Pick up trash at your local park or along your road

o   Take a family grocery trip and collect food for the local food bank

o   Organize a Wiffle ball game for the neighborhood kids. Go around the neighborhood and invite the neighbor kids to join in

o   Encourage your kids to use the camera on their cell phone to capture beautiful pictures of their siblings or friends doing something awesome.

o   Drink only water for a week. Donate the money you would have spent on other drinks to a clean water ministry.

o   Girls of the family: Plan a girly day for the neighborhood girls and moms. Invite them over for afternoon tea, manicures and pedicures.

o   Boys of the family: Invite neighborhood boys and their dads over for a basketball game, outdoor yard game, or to go fishing.

o   Hold a car wash in your local community – for free