Learn and implement the 5 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence both at home and on your stage. 

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What to expect

- An exclusive, emotionally safe online group of leaders you get to know and grow alongside

- Weekly 90-minute group coaching session via Zoom (8 total)

- Bi-weekly group-specific coaching video (4 total)

- The step-by-step F.R.E.E. to Lead plan of action

- F.R.E.E. to Lead Tools & Assessments

- Private ongoing community and discussions via FB

- Discounts on individual coaching sessions


Do you feel the pressure to choose between work and home? 

What's the tension between you and your spouse really costing you? 

Are you a leader on a rocket ship to success and want to avoid the pitfalls? 

Do you desire to create a healthy culture as the leader of your church, team, or organization? 

As a pastor, is your church growing faster than you expected? Is it putting strain on your family? 

Do you perform in high pressure situations? 

Do you worry about becoming more famous on your stage than to your kids?