THE Greatest RED CARPET you'll ever walk is through your front door.


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Take the lead

Provide clear direction for your family to live on purpose and have fun doing it.  

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Create rhythm

Because there's no such thing as work-life balance. 

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Maximize your influence

Championing your spouse and kids provides peace of mind to lead on your stage. 

Transform your marriage and family in just 8-weeks with our step-by-step coaching program. You will establish a family vision, create rhythms unique to your family, build a rock-solid marriage, and have a plan, whether you're at home or away on your stage. 


Google recently found, in a major study of its hiring process, that its top employees possess empathy, emotional intelligence, and emotional safety (at the top of the list). These "soft skills" have now become the basis for what companies desire most in their leaders. 

It’s difficult to put a price tag on truly understanding how you interact with others, especially the people you care about most. To acquire reliable tools to help you set healthy rhythms between work and home. To help you discern the underlying motivation behind the actions of another. To avoid the cancer of an affair or relational scandal. To develop the necessary self-awareness to become an empathetic spouse or a present parent. To become more consciously aware of the impact you leave on those around you. 

Yet, it's these traits that lead to those who thrive. This is your opportunity to journey exclusively with other families who lead, to get the support and tools you need to be a team at home.