Safe House Digital Workbook + Videos

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Safe House Digital Workbook + Videos


Have you ever considered what kind of story you’re writing for your children? Or what effect your story is having on those little ones you love most?

One of the most hopeful, yet scary, realizations is that the quality of our story influences how well we coauthor our kid’s stories.

And that’s what the Safe House Study is all about—helping you coauthor beautiful stories for your children.

Everyone knows parenting is difficult enough. But what if it were simpler? What if there was a way to become more confident in how we parent? To know that we're coauthoring beautiful stories for our kids?

Both science and the Bible show us that the most important thing we can provide for our kids is a place of emotional safety.

But what is emotional safety?

In Safe House, a 6-session, video-based small group or parent study, author and child psychology professor Joshua Straub takes us on a journey through our own story, provides practical ways of becoming emotionally safe, and helps us learn how to answer the most important question our children are asking, “Am I safe?”

This product includes the digital download for the workbook, and online access to all the video sessions. 

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