Does home feel like a struggle? 

  • Is your marriage slowly drifting apart? 

  • Do work and travel pull you away from those you love, creating tension at home? 

  • Do you feel like you can lead people well at work, but come home and feel lost?

  • Are the leaders in your company or organization at risk because of poor family rhythms?

  • Is your pace of life too busy for deep connection?

  • Do you worry that you’re not doing enough to make the most of the time you have with family?

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This free download equips you with the 7 core decisions you can make to impact your most important audience.


We can help.

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Get on the Same Team

Reconnect with the heart of your spouse where you fight for one another, not with one another. 

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Create Rhythm

Implement rhythms that help your family feel connected, rested, + loved. 

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Maximize Your Influence

Set family values that help you live on purpose and thrive on
your stage.

Our marriage was a disaster from an emotional standpoint. It’s by the grace of God that we were able to connect with Josh and Christi and walk through coaching, because I don’t know where my wife and I would be today if we had not had this opportunity.
— Ryan, Coaching Client
While Josh has a PhD and an amazing pedigree of academic and professional accolades, my favorite part of his coaching approach is his world class listening skills, as he takes time to hear the issues you’re dealing with, rather than assuming he already knows. Then, with an amazing combination of sage wisdom and loving confrontation, gives clarity to the situation and provides a road map that not only rings true, but brings hope and excitement to the process. Josh has my highest recommendation as an investment that provides a huge ROI on the time and money invested in his coaching services.
— Frank, Entertainment Entrepreneur
I highly recommend the coaching and accountability that Josh and Christi have to offer! Their authenticity, faith, and passion to be their best selves inspires and guides others on their journey to their best selves.
— Jackie C., coaching client